Simple Spoonie


Spoonie is an often used abbreviation for Roseate Spoonbill and they are one of my favorite birds to photograph. This spoonie was quite tame and worked around me for quite some time, giving me several pretty good images. I particularly like this one because the calm water surrounds the spoonie with such a nice, uniform color. Somehow I managed to shoot this with the bird’s tail right up against the right side of the image, so I’ve added some canvas to balance out the frame. I also cloned out some pieces of debris lying around in the water. A nice photo to look at on a cold day like today, can’t wait to get back for some more Florida bird photography.

Nikon D4 with 600 mm lens, tripod mounted. 1/1250 second @f7.1, iso 640.

Hope you enjoy it, thanks for looking.


9 Responses to Simple Spoonie

  1. John Kelly

    Another awesome photo, John. I especially like your descriptions about how and where your photo ops occur. It adds a lot to my appreciation of the scene. You should do a coffee table book with little monographs for each, a photo picture and a word picture.

  2. A splendid image. It looks like you had your lens an inch or two above the water and just a few feet away from the Spoonie. Occasionally I see an image that makes me say: “I wish I had taken that”. This is one of those photos.

  3. Brigita Clementi

    Another beautiful photo. We love seeing your work and how talented you are.

  4. Morris Emigh

    Very, very nice. The post-processing is immaculate and the Rosie looks like he/she is indeed posing just for you. Great job1

  5. Fred

    Great picture,John. You are a true artist with a camera. Thankyou for sharing your talent. Fred

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