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This Reddish Egret held a nice portrait pose for me last January at Ft. DeSoto. The Reddish Egret is one of my favorite birds to photograph and this pose is a great example of why they are so much fun. When threatened by another bird, they can get very territorial, which is just what happened here. Another egret tried getting into this Reddish Egret’s space. A quick chase ensued with this one taking an aggressive stance and definitely with all its feathers ruffled.

Kneeling pretty close in, I ended up in the perfect position to grab this shot before the bird settled back down. Feathers all pointy and going every which way, along with the nice S curve in the neck makes for a handsome Reddish Egret portrait. Someone commented that the only thing missing was that this bird was not in full breeding plumage. Well, maybe next time but still a photo I really like.

It was a very nice evening to be out. I found myself all alone on this part of the beach and was fortunate to get a good batch of keeper photos.

Taken at North Beach, Ft. DeSoto a half hour before sunset, shot with a tripod mounted Nikon D4, 600 mm lens, 1/640 sec. @f8, ISO 1250. A slight crop to the original, noise reduction on the background, added a little bit of saturation to the Reddish Egret only, NIK Detail Enhancer to help with the feather detail, and cleaned up the eye and a few pieces of stray dust and spots.

Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed taking it.


6 Responses to Reddish Egret Portrait

  1. John Kelly

    I think this is one of your better bird portraits. A very nice surprise. Hope you’re starting to warm up. We were worried about your roof. That was a lot of snow.

  2. Morris Emigh

    As usual, very, very nice. I like it a lot.

  3. fred mccready

    your picture is remarkable. I feel like I could touch the feathers. super. fred

  4. melibe

    I love this shot!

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