New Rochelle Sunrise

Sunrise from Neptune Park looking toward Glen IslandSo, exactly what was I doing in New Rochelle, NY for a sunrise last October? Well, I had a 9 am meeting scheduled for a project in neighboring Pelham Manor. Not wanting to be late, I got up at 3:30 am to drive from home and it seems I got there way too early. Sitting in the parking lot at 6 am and wondering what to do for the next 3 hours I set off to explore the neighborhood a bit. Knowing the ocean was close by I headed East and found myself in little Neptune Park in time to watch a beautiful New Rochelle sunrise.

There were a few other people around, but all in all it was just as quiet as the photo suggests. It lasted about 15 minutes and then was gone, but it was worth getting up earlier than necessary to see such a beautiful start to the day.

Nikon D800, Nikon 24-0 mm lens at 26 mm, ISO 800 1/160th @ f4.5


5 Responses to New Rochelle Sunrise

  1. John Kelly

    One of your best. I’ve missed seeing your pictures. Not sure whether I enjoy the photos more or the pictures you create with your narrative. You’re one of a kind. Happy holidays buddy. JK

  2. melibe

    this is an amazing picture. your photos and the color within them never ceases to impress me. hope all is well and you’re gearing up for a happy holiday season!

  3. Morris Emigh

    I love the stretch of water into the sunset. At first glance I though I was looking at a flooded street and then I saw the boats. I was led right into it and loved every minute. Nice job!

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