Little Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron

As in my last post, this Little Blue Heron was feeding in the foggy morning light at Ft. DeSoto. On point and waiting for a bit of movement, I captured him staring down his intended breakfast. These Little Blue Herons often appear very dull and drab, but they actually have a lot of nice coloring as you can see in this photo.

It was getting much brighter out, but the fog still kept a nice high key effect. The warm coloring of the sun is really having an effect of a yellowish tint to the background and I left it there on purpose. Maybe that’s because back here at home it’s snowing again and any reminder of warmer winter days in Florida is a real plus.

Shot from sitting in the water with a Nikon D4, 600 mm tripod mounted lens, 1/2500 sec. @ f6.3, ISO 1600.



6 Responses to Little Blue Heron

  1. John Kelly

    Beautiful. I’ll bet you miss the warm weather. It looks like the Boston area is getting buried in the white stuff. Stay warm. JK

    • Boston is taking it on the chin this year, for sure. Their biggest problem is that they have no place to put the snow, and can’t truck it out fast enough. At least we’ve got lot’s of room.

  2. Morris Emigh

    Another wonderful image. John, you’re making me jealous.

    • Thank you Morris, hope that we can catch up this year. Too bad they cancelled the Punta Gorda Airshow, and unfortunately, we won’t be in Florida for the Lakeland Sun ‘N Fun.

  3. Courtney West

    You’ll have to take me out on one of your photo shoots. I find it fascinating.
    Stay warm …..

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