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New Rochelle Sunrise

Sunrise from Neptune Park looking toward Glen IslandSo, exactly what was I doing in New Rochelle, NY for a sunrise last October? Well, I had a 9 am meeting scheduled for a project in neighboring Pelham Manor. Not wanting to be late, I got up at 3:30 am to drive from home and it seems I got there way too early. Sitting in the parking lot at 6 am and wondering what to do for the next 3 hours I set off to explore the neighborhood a bit. Knowing the ocean was close by I headed East and found myself in little Neptune Park in time to watch a beautiful New Rochelle sunrise.

There were a few other people around, but all in all it was just as quiet as the photo suggests. It lasted about 15 minutes and then was gone, but it was worth getting up earlier than necessary to see such a beautiful start to the day.

Nikon D800, Nikon 24-0 mm lens at 26 mm, ISO 800 1/160th @ f4.5


Bass Harbor’s Boats at Sunset

20131011_D401275_HDR1-Edit-EditLast fall’s trip to Maine included a stop at Bass Harbor one evening shortly before sunset. Arriving there, it seemed a little disappointing for photo opportunities and we almost got in the car and left. It was mostly overcast and everything looked quite dull, but what the heck. We were there, so I took a bunch of shots, including this hand held HDR composite of 5 images. On returning home I liked the composition of these boats in Bass Harbor with the mountains in the background, so I assembled the 5 frames and ran them through Photomatix. I was very pleasantly surprised to be able to get this as a final shot, Bass Harbor looks so quiet and peaceful (which it was) and the HDR process added enough color and contrast to make this photo work for me.

Bass Harbor is a nice little spot in Tremont, Maine and sits right on the southwest side of Mt. Desert Island. Turning 180 degrees from this view affords a nice view of the rest of the harbor, which includes the many lobster boats and the ferry to Swan’s Island. This side of the island is cetainly a lot more laid back and much less crowded than the popular and better known Bar Harbor.

So, while we didn’t stay long it was a nice enough spot to visit that we stopped by again a couple of days later. Hope that you enjoy this image.




This was a Good Year for Fall Foliage


This fall has been spectacular for foliage and leaf peeping around the Mt. Wachusett area.  October has been a month of sun and mild temperatures, no rain and little wind to knock down the leaves.  The results were what they talk about, deep reds in the blueberry bushes and oaks along with fiery yellows, oranges and reds in the maple trees.  Back that up against plentiful evergreens made for great viewing opportunities.

We took a foliage viewing trip up the coast as far as Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island in Maine and more of that to come in a later post, but for where we were the best was right here in our back yard.  This was taken earlier in the week as the sun was burning off the last of the morning mist.  I’ve been bracketing a lot of these fall shots for HDR images, hoping to really pull out not just color but a lot of detail that gets lost in the shadows as they deepen with the low but harsh sun.  After post processing this both as an HDR and a straight image, I’ve chosen the latter as the better image.  It was still early enough to keep the shadow detail and yet not blow out the highlights and I think ended up with a cleaner image.

Most of the bright colors have passed by now.  However with no bad weather in sight, we still have some spots of color and extended areas where, while faded, the views are still worth driving around for a look.  Hope that you too have had a chance to enjoy this fine fall weather.

Nikon D4 with 70-200mm lens @ 70 mm, ISO 100, f8.0, 1/100 sec.

This second shot is from later in the day and taken from the same spot, just turned a bit to the right.











Nikon D4, with 70-200 mm lens @ 70 mm, ISO 100, f8.0, 1/80 sec.


Clouds of Summer

Summer Clouds

Every once in a while the clouds will roll over Mt. Wachusett and just kind of cruise on their way.  On a beautiful summer afternoon, it’s great to just sit and watch them do their thing.  This particular guy was moving along a lot quicker than I thought.  By the time I’d grabbed my camera I was just barely able to keep it all in the frame without tilting the camera up.


Nature’s Own July 4th Fireworks

OK, so I got caught twice on this one.  Technically, it’s not the Fourth of July but it is the end of the Fourth of July weekend so it still counts.  And then just last night I was whining that for all the great views we have here, we really don’t get all that many great sunsets.  WRONG.  Tonight was just spectacular.  About 8:45 Darcy started on me to get off the sofa and look out the window.  Wow, guess she had a point, but then she usually does.  Well worth the view.  Hope that you enjoy this sunset as well.  Happy July 4th to all. 

Nikon D4, 24-70mm lens @28mm, 1/125 sec @f6.3, iso 2500


Sanibel Sunset

This was the sort of sunset on Sanibel Island that they always talk about.  A really nice show for all those on the beach. 

To capture all the range of colors, this is a 7 image HDR exposed in 1 stop increments from -3 to +3 from the metered exposure.  Picked up my camera on the way to the beach but didn’t want to bother with a tripod so I upped the ISO to 640 and hand held the 7 frame burst.  The software (HDR Pro included with Photoshop) layered everything pretty well.   A few areas do need some cleanup.  A woman walked into the left side of the frame and a couple of other people didn’t seem to know they were supposed to stand still.  🙂




In Like a Lion

Small PondThursday’s wasn’t a huge storm by New England standards, but still a bit of a surprise since we haven’t had any snow to speak of since the weird October storm.  Still, it was significant in that it was another one of those “falling cement” type of snows, really heavy and wet.  Stuck to the trees and didn’t let go.  This was shot on Saturday and still nothing had started to melt.  In fact, it was still completely overcast and things were pretty close to black and white.

This was converted to a black and white image in Photoshop, but there really wasn’t a whole lot of color to take out.

I very often post images of the pond in our back yard, but this particular shot is from a much smaller pond right across the street.  The snow covered tufts of weeds caught my eye, hope they  catch yours as well.


A Week on Mooring 576

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of boats in the early morning fog and said that there was more to come.  This is one of those “what we did on our vacation” posts, as Darcy and I spent a week tied up to mooring #576 at the Robinhood Marine Center in Georgetown, Maine.  We were aboard the Tessie Ann, a 40 foot houseboat complete with lights, refrigerator, stove, full head and a bedroom with a queen size bed.  While her lines aren’t particularly sleek, it was just the thing for us.  Airy and very comfortable yet quiet and very relaxing.  We also had a skiff to run back and forth to shore, where the Marina is complete with a bar and restaurant that.  Also, 2 kayaks and a 19 foot sailboat were available for our use.  Plenty of time to read, watch the boats come and go and of course take a few pictures. 

You can view a batch of my photos by clicking on the link:  or click on “Robinhood Marine Center” right from

This was a week when the photo opportunities generally came to me so all I had to do was walk around the boat from before sunup to after sundown and every time in between.  There is even 1 shot taken at 3 am one morning when the lights from shore were looking particularly neat.  I originally thought this would be a great opportunity for panoramas and HDR shots, both I which I really enjoy doing.  As it turned out, even in very calm water there was almost always just enough breeze to keep her moving slight on the moooring.  While I took a lot of both types of shots, I really didn’t have too much success with either. 

All in all, we really did have a great week, please enjoy some of the photos.  







Georgetown Sunset

There were plenty of good views at sunset during our week on the Tessie Ann at Robinhood Marine Center.   If you don’t know where this is but are familiar with Route 1 in Maine, when headed north just take a right turn onto Route 127 right after you go over the bridge in Bath.  This is looking east and shows the channel and out toward MacMahon Island and on toward Southport.

While this looks more like a near sunset shot, the sun had already set.  Since the original capture throws everything below the skyline into deep shadow.  I’ve lightened up the foreground and the shoreline to add detail that  would otherwise have been lost in silhouette.

Shot with a Nikon D2x, 17-55mm lens @ 17mm, 1/250 sec. @f4, polarizer.


Thanksgiving Sunrise on Snowpond

Sunrise has been too good to pass up on over this Thanksgiving Holiday.  This was shot just before 7 am on Thanksgiving morning.  We never get tired of watching the sun start at the very tips of the trees and spread that beautiful golden light down and across the morning view.  Today it had Mt. Wachusett just as golden as the tree tops, making it worth standing on the dock with the temperature only in the mid twenties.

During the summer the neighbors are all but completely hidden in the foliage, but at this time of  year a couple of the homes show up pretty well.  I don’t mind seeing them in the image at all and think that they add some scale to the photograph. 

The image is another composite, this time merging both HDR and Panorama into the mix.  There are 4 sets of images stitched in Panorama Maker and each set is comprised of 7 exposures blended in Photomatix.  The resulting HDR Panorama is what we’ve got here this morning.  So, a total of 28 images all stacked and stitched to make this one morning sunrise.  May be a bit of overkill, but it was kind of fun to try and it ends up with a far better interpretation of what I saw than any single image could.    

Images taken vertically with Nikon D300, 17-55mm DX Nikon lens @ 24 mm, mounted on a Gitzo 1325 tripod with Really Right Stuff ball head.  Exposures at ISO 200, f5.6 and bracketed in 1 stop increments from -3 to +3 of the matrix meter measurement.


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