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Our Weekend Guest

 Looks like we’re puppy sitting over the Memorial Day Weekend and that makes 9 week old Atticus our handful of houseguest.  Atticus is a new recruit for the NEADS program, which trains assistance dogs for the deaf and disabled.  Darcy is a volunteer with the program and she (as in “we”) jumped at the chance to take little Atticus home for the long weekend.  He comes complete with his own food, treats, toys, and crate to sleep in, not to mention a pretty healthy dose of puppy attitude. 

It’s been a long time since there’s been a dog in the house, and we’re glad to have him.  As with all pups, he is a handful.  Turn your back on him for a second and he’s into something so we’re pretty much on full time dog watch.  Fortunately, he also wears out easily so every couple of hours it’s back into his crate for a nap and reprieve for Darcy and me. 

Click on the underlined link for more pictures of Atticus or click on the following link for more on the very worthwhile NEADS program.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and thanks for looking.


Red Fox

Red Fox

Sometimes the best shots are right in the back yard.  I’d heard that a red fox and her kits were living in a hillside behind the office where I work.  So I stopped by for an hour last Saturday and sure enough, there was a female and 6 kits enjoying some morning sun.  It’s hard to believe that I freeze by butt off sitting in the woods and come back with nothing, then find such good subjects within 500 feet of the office.

The hardest part of getting these images wasn’t with the foxes, but trying to get a clear shot through the brush.  The white horizontal line across her ears is an out of focus branch.  When the leaves are out in a couple of weeks, it will be almost impossible to get a clear shot of these guys.

This image was captured with a tripod mounted Nikon D300 and 600 mm lens @ 180 second, f4.

I hope you’re interested and will enjoy a few more shots posted on my website at


What are You Looking At?

Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary is a pretty good place to spend a couple of hours walking around on a nice spring day.  And, if you catch the season and time of day you might run into one or 2 of this year’s crop of lambs.  I captured this guy a few years back while trying out a new zoom lens.  Not real sure who was more interested in who, but I’ve always enjoyed this image.  Darcy and I still go up to Wachusett Meadow occasionally, and it’s usually about this time of year when we think of it.


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