Bass Harbor’s Boats at Sunset

20131011_D401275_HDR1-Edit-EditLast fall’s trip to Maine included a stop at Bass Harbor one evening shortly before sunset. Arriving there, it seemed a little disappointing for photo opportunities and we almost got in the car and left. It was mostly overcast and everything looked quite dull, but what the heck. We were there, so I took a bunch of shots, including this hand held HDR composite of 5 images. On returning home I liked the composition of these boats in Bass Harbor with the mountains in the background, so I assembled the 5 frames and ran them through Photomatix. I was very pleasantly surprised to be able to get this as a final shot, Bass Harbor looks so quiet and peaceful (which it was) and the HDR process added enough color and contrast to make this photo work for me.

Bass Harbor is a nice little spot in Tremont, Maine and sits right on the southwest side of Mt. Desert Island. Turning 180 degrees from this view affords a nice view of the rest of the harbor, which includes the many lobster boats and the ferry to Swan’s Island. This side of the island is cetainly a lot more laid back and much less crowded than the popular and better known Bar Harbor.

So, while we didn’t stay long it was a nice enough spot to visit that we stopped by again a couple of days later. Hope that you enjoy this image.




2 Responses to Bass Harbor’s Boats at Sunset

  1. John Kelly

    You’ve certainly learned a lot about digital photography since Grinnell when you were doing it the hard way. Wow!

  2. fred mccready

    beautiful, peaceful picture. makes me almost want to leave the Cape–almost.well done. glad you are enjoying this pastime.thanks,fred

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