A Week on Mooring 576

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of boats in the early morning fog and said that there was more to come.  This is one of those “what we did on our vacation” posts, as Darcy and I spent a week tied up to mooring #576 at the Robinhood Marine Center in Georgetown, Maine.  We were aboard the Tessie Ann, a 40 foot houseboat complete with lights, refrigerator, stove, full head and a bedroom with a queen size bed.  While her lines aren’t particularly sleek, it was just the thing for us.  Airy and very comfortable yet quiet and very relaxing.  We also had a skiff to run back and forth to shore, where the Marina is complete with a bar and restaurant that.  Also, 2 kayaks and a 19 foot sailboat were available for our use.  Plenty of time to read, watch the boats come and go and of course take a few pictures. 

You can view a batch of my photos by clicking on the link:  http://www.snowpondphoto.com/RobinhoodCove/index.html  or click on “Robinhood Marine Center” right from SnowPondPhoto.com

This was a week when the photo opportunities generally came to me so all I had to do was walk around the boat from before sunup to after sundown and every time in between.  There is even 1 shot taken at 3 am one morning when the lights from shore were looking particularly neat.  I originally thought this would be a great opportunity for panoramas and HDR shots, both I which I really enjoy doing.  As it turned out, even in very calm water there was almost always just enough breeze to keep her moving slight on the moooring.  While I took a lot of both types of shots, I really didn’t have too much success with either. 

All in all, we really did have a great week, please enjoy some of the photos.  







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